Albert Did Not Overcome His Dyslexia He Embraced It Advocating community and achievement of dyslexic people by focusing on their stengths....

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The purpose of Dyslexia Unleashed (DU) is to alleviate the two largest problems that tens of millions of adult dyslexics confront every day. Low self-esteem, permanently ingrained from years of being mislabeled as mentally deficient; and transforming public ignorance.

Thankfully recent years have brought some positive attention focused on early detection and educating the educational system. But even though it is arguably the largest single disease or disorder (Yale estimates 20% of the population) very few people know anything about it and those who do tend to have a negative impression.

Due to the astounding number of world changing innovations attributable to famous dyslexics (The Theory of Relativity, Harnessing Electricity, the Telephone to name just a few) it has long been suspected that the “disability” comes with a heightened ability to creatively problem solve. Now advances in MRI technology have allowed scientist to literally watch the brain in action and has confirmed that the difference in neural wiring makes a dyslexic think differently. However with this revelation comes the challenge of altering opinion; what was once deemed mentally deficient based on poor reading skills is more than compensated by the spectacular benefit of heightened problem-solving and inventiveness.

It is also proven that group identity and vicarious accomplishment can raise confidence and help heal the wounds of low self-esteem. The forum section of DU encourages network members to recount their successes not only to be shared with the group but also to be published in an e-magazine and distributed as far and wide as possible. Additionally we intend to advertise on select cable stations and the internet, with content focused on the creative problem solving attributes.

About the Founder – Tad Acker spend his first 20 years confused but invested in the labels he received when he entered elementary school in the 1960’s… “remedial” by the system and retarded by his peers. It was his school teacher mother, who never gave up on him, that finally diagnosed his dyslexia, but not until low self-esteem had defined his personality. Only after squeaking thru college and miserably failing in corporate America, did he figure out that his nemesis at school was really the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur and inventor. “Low self-esteem defined my life until I got my first endorphin rush from solving problems that others couldn’t or at least didn’t. Confidence to succeed was a cumulative thing for me, accomplished in baby step successes. I have also found that reading about the successes of other dyslexics, including famous ones, makes me proud by association.”

Dyslexia Unleashed, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit Public Charity;                DLN: 17053295334006