Nicolai Tesla Achieved Because of His Dyslexia Not Despite It Advocating community and achievement of dyslexic people by focusing on their stengths....


To realize our goals of raising adult dyslexic self-esteem and educating the public to the positive attributes of dyslexia, we intend to promote member success stories via an emagazine, published as far and wide as possible, and to educate the public with advertising on both the internet and cable TV.

Production/creative cost for the emagazine and advertising, and the placement of the ads are all rather expensive so we cannot do this without your help.

Dyslexia Unleashed is set up to keep overhead to a bare minimum and remain fixed. Because of this virtually all of your donation will go toward accomplishing our goals.

Thank you for dyslexics everywhere.

Dyslexia Unleashed, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit Public Charity; DLN: 17053295334006

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