ANDERSON Used His Dyslexic Guile To Achieve Adovcating community and achievement of dyslexic people by focusing on their stengths....

IT was never taught, but we learned it anyway.

Virtually all operating systems now offer text-to-speech capabilities. If this appeals to you please activate your computer accordingly.

If you are a Dyslexic adult we share an incredible attribute…WE ARE EXTRAORDINARILY GOOD PROBLEM SOLVERS. In fact the theory that dyslexics have this special gift is now science-based, with neuroscientists and psychologists chiming in with all sorts of empirical data. When compared to a non-dyslexic person, our neural wiring addresses a different portion of the brain to answer the same request and it results in a cognitive difference, often described as “Out-of-the-Box” thinking. In fact dyslexic brains are responsible for the THEORY OF RELATIVITY; FORD MOTOR CO; HARNESSING ELECTRIC POWER; APPLE COMPUTER; THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA; INSTANT KARMA; AND DISNEYLAND, to name just a few. All of these vaunted achievements are the brainchild of one individual so think what might happen if we network thousands of us…like an Inventive Cloud?

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Additionally, we will be soliciting outsider issues that offer the solution provider a $500 solution fee. See “Solution Seeker” page for details.

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